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We're big in Japan. [26 Mar 2008|09:15am]
Tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning, I will be taking flight to Tokyo, Japan.

We'll be returning Wednesday, April 9th at 10pm.

In the meantime, please visit http://web.mac.com/xenbean for updates and photos of the trip. We're going to try and update it nightly. I'm feeling motivated to update the blog, but you know how that goes for me.

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[21 Dec 2007|10:43am]
The cake is a lie.
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Ho-hum. [19 Dec 2007|10:22am]
I haven't been feeling well at all. Everything seems wrong lately. I really am in desperate need of another job. I hope SAE gets back to me soon. I'm afraid I screwed up my chances with them in taking so long sending them my resume. The director is a busy guy, right? Right. I'm punctual (for work), I'm accurate, I'm pleasant to be around (at work), I'm organized (at work), and I can speak pretty well (at work). So why wouldn't anyone want to hire me? Please don't answer that.
I just want to disappear for a long while. It'd be nice to live without worrying about work or money.
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Tanks ...you're welcome [10 Dec 2007|09:50am]
I've had a few people tell me that I'm one hell of a tank. /flex

But there's a mage and balance druid that can still pull the mobs off me if I'm not paying attention. If my mind is all there, disasters don't strike. With my new found tanking abilities (and some major DPS and a great healer), we've made it through Old Hillsbrad, Black Morass, Botanica, Steamvault, and others without a single death.

Still looking for better gear. I've gotten Xen's defense past the 'uncritable' number; only applies to PvE of course. Now, I just need to get her armor up 5k more and then I'll be great for Kara tanking.

TanksCollapse )
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[01 Dec 2007|10:00am]
No!!! Work blocked access to the WoW Armory. Now I really know it's time for a new job.

I need work safe websites that don't include video or sound. Oh, and that aren't "game related."
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[13 Oct 2007|09:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Happy Birthday Roger!

I promise I'll bring you home some neat toy. I just happen to be broke right now.

... I know he can't read, but it still doesn't stop me from addressing him like a human.

More shows, yay! Last week Nate and I went to Harvest '07, an art show of the explicit kind. Since I'm at work, I don't feel comfortable telling about it, haha. It was interesting to say the least. Last night was the grand opening celebration of Atlanta SAE (School of Audio Engineering). It was a stuffy get together with live jazz band, open bar, and hors d'oeuvres. I was very much under dressed and out of my element, but I made it through and still managed not to embarrass Nate. After that little soiree, we raced over to Little 5 to see Minus the Bear with Helio Sequence opening. Despite the poor vocal performance, I'm still very glad I got to see them.
Sometime I should sit down and calculate how much money I spend on concerts. I think I might be pretty shocked.

My sinuses are killing me, yay! I went home early from work yesterday and just slept. I also helped Nate melt a candle into a mason jar. That was a fun little craft project, haha. I'm feelin' better today and I'm looking forward to another WoW and beer night. Hopefully we can hang out in the same room this time, haha. Speaking of WoW, leveling is flippin' slow! Maybe it's just me. Most of the time I don't know where I'm going and end up talking to my guild for hours. I made it to 67 on Thursday (three more freakin' levels!) and got Nate to 40 yesterday. He still hates the game and I'm still trying to get him to play. I think I'll be leveling my shammy to his level so we can play together. Right, well, I'm sure just like Nate, everyone is zoning me out 'cause I'm going on about WoW. *sigh* Don't worry, I'm used to it. Hahaha.

McDonald's decreased the size of their parfait. The jerks. At least their iced coffee is still a monstrosity.

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Argh. [28 Sep 2007|10:57am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Sometimes you just have to keep telling yourself "I love people."

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[02 Aug 2007|11:53am]
[ mood | drained ]

Jury duty came and went. I wasn't picked for a jury of any sort. I just wasted time sitting in a retaining room waiting for news of a courtroom and if they needed jurors. I'm trying to look at this as less of a waste of time and more of a "I just got paid to sit on my ass and read." No such luck convincing myself yet, we'll see. In other news, I discovered the bank has been paying me only half of what I should be making. I bitched at them and had it changed. I kept saying, "I think I made more money before I went full time." They just stared at me, but now they know, oh now they know! But, I still can't afford to do anything. I have to save, save, save. Nate and I are in the market for a house, so if you know of any for under $200k in a good area, let us know! Also I'm saving for the trip Nate is planning for next year; anyone know a good Japanese tutor?

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[27 Jul 2007|11:28am]
I'm tired of being me. I want to be someone else for a change.

Anyone want to switch for a bit?

Alive Again [27 Jul 2007|09:56am]
[ mood | guilty ]

There is no new news. I'm up to the usual things.

I have been anti-social. I have been lazy and unmotivated. I have been putting off disappointing people by announcing that I will not be making AWA costumes as intended. I will gladly pay back everyone for what they purchased. Send me an invoice, I'll write you a check. In addition, there will not be a full AWA weekend for me; I'll only be attending that Saturday. I'm afraid that I just don't have the money to go for longer, much less stay at the hotel.

I expect I'll update again in four months.

I'm sorry.

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It's an hour early. [31 Jan 2007|11:00pm]
Happy Birthday Wakusei-chan!! <3
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New Layout! [01 Dec 2006|04:42pm]
My journal is now sporting a lovely new Snow White layout made by the lovely Michi!
Thank you so much! <3
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Meh. [08 Oct 2006|12:22pm]
So yeah, I'm excited about the possibility of a Tsubasa cosplay group. I'm so excited I found some good reference pictures for the characters, haha.
The only person I've heard back from about this idea is Meghan. So, I'm going to post links to some of the reference pics so people can see what I'm talking about and get some feedback. So far, the only drawback I see is that there are only two prominent female characters in the series and they're both pretty much accounted for.
Group Pic - I really like these outfits.

If there happens to be enough people, there's always Yuko's Watanuki.

In other news, I still haven't found a second job and there's no way in hell I'm going back to Target. Soon I hope to be applying at a few more places.
I am a part of Anime Paper now. Hopefully, I'll force myself to make more wallpaper. Right now I'm working on one of Chii from Tsubasa Chronicles. It's going okay, I guess.
My parents have given Nate and me our Christmas present. We're going to Chicago near the end of the month. It's only for a few days, but he's going to show me around his home town. We're also going to visit the aquarium and Clark & Belmont, but most notably we're going to see one of our favorite bands perform. Mew is touring in the states, finally, and we're catching the last show before they return home to Denmark. It's awesome; they've been touring with Kasabian, but on the 16th they part ways - which means this is a Mew headline show. Yay for a longer set.

That's it for me at the moment.
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I'm ashamed to say, I've been an Otaku this past week. [30 Sep 2006|09:30pm]
AWA was great; one of the best I've had. Now next year will be better and I'll have my voice.
I happened to be on the same floor as someone who I thought was still my friend. He didn't say "Hi" or anything- even when we rode the same elevator up! Oh well.
I spent too much money, but it was worth it. I'm still pissed at Coey, but I think it was mostly my over-excitement and negligence that screwed me over. The print isn't on her Deviant; that's a little better, right?

One of my favorite moments of the weekend was of Voldemolt elevator. *Bing!* Ah, poor Ron - I wonder if he was able to change out of being a cup. *Bubbly bubbly* I loved Nate's wasabi challenge, har har. There are so many other things I loved about the weekend, I wish I could remember more of them.

There were some gorgeous costumes this year! I fell in love with the Yuuko from the Contest - I even got a spanking from her! I'm really happy for the Matts winning an award at the Contest; if only Root were there for it! Work sucks. All the L cosplayers amused me and pissed me off - that has to be the easiest outfit - evar. EVAR. Well, maybe not, but really - jeans, long sleeved white T-shirt, dark circles under the eyes, and messy brown hair. That's it. No shoes, nothing else. Well, maybe a cell phone, but you have be sure to hold it the same way.

I swear, there were hardly any good Bleach cosplayers - most of them sucked. I was so disappointed. I'm having my doubts of cosplaying a character from that series now. I have the feeling that I wouldn't look much better. I'm entertaining the idea of a group cosplay, but now I see that Michi doesn't very much want to be the typical cute character. So the search continues! I can't tell you how tempted I am to suggest a Bleach cosplay, but alas please refer to the beginning of the paragraph.

I've also had a wonderful past week, aside from being sick. I holed myself up in my room, I didn't go to school and called out of work, and read manga and watched anime. It was even filled with some Death! (Death Note, Death by Chocolate) The best thing was seeing more of my fabulous friendables. I love them so.
I've been to the bookstore everyday this past week, even today. Books + coffee = happiness.
Nate is coming back from Disney World tomorrow. The bastard spent his week there.
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Birthday plans [05 Aug 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | Oh Hum ]

Um so... my birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I don't know what to do. My sister had said that she wanted to throw me a party if I compiled a list of people to invite, but two months later, I haven't done it. Since I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to plan a last minute party, it's up to me. And I haven't a clue. I have no money and I don't know of anywhere to go. My managers at work suggested Shout on Peachtree - I haven't checked into it yet. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.


AWA update:
Thank you to the one person that paid for AWA!

I'm still in financial troubles, so your $25 AWA membership money ASAP would be greatly appreciated! Or if you would rather pay for both membership and hotel stay at once, $67.50. Thank you ahead of time! <3

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Two Months Until AWA [24 Jul 2006|05:29pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Are you ready? I sure as hell am not --> I haven't started to get ready yet. Bleh.

Since Alia is now able to go (Yay!!! Yay!!!) here is the updated hotel price for everyone!
$42.60 woo!

I would like everyone's membership cost ($25) as soon as possible please! I have bills coming up and no money to pay them with. So please, unless you want Bean stealing from her job, send your money soon! T_T


I haven't been up to much aside from working and exercising - I gotta get my ass ready for spandex! Fun fun.
Nate and his family have been feeding a cute cute stray cat. It's a tiny white female with spots of brown. We've taken to calling her Roxanne. It looks like she's had a litter of kittens and we're not entirely sure if she's pregnant now. She's so sweet; she meows when you're not paying attention to her and she constantly is rubbing up against things. She flopped over on her back by me so I chanced a tummy pet, and much too my surprise she didn't mind in the least. Nate's mom doesn't want a cat since it means another mouth to feed and she sheds as much as Ami. She's wants in the house so badly though; she meows and scratches at the door and has already darted in a few times. Today she found her way into the screened in porch. Nate's mom went out there to relax with their Bichon Frise accompanying her. And now the dog is in love with the cat, haha. They chased each other around and fell asleep together. When is was time to go back inside, the dog didn't want to go. So cute. I keep telling Nate that we need to make Found Cat signs, but he's reluctant to and his sister is completely against it because "it's my cat!"

So, as usual, nothing very interesting is going on in little Katy's life.

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[18 Jul 2006|07:02pm]
If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
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How you gained your rule:
Your title is:The Boss
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You rule from:a towering, well, tower
At your side is:your trained cheetah, Speedy - go fetch me a soda!
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:laser-gun-totin' space pirates!
Your most popular law is:"National Pajamas Day"
Your least popular law is:Pinky swearing equals a binding contract
Your worst enemy is:rumored to be cuter than you . . . so not true!
Your popularity rating is:: 72%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 6%
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[29 May 2006|11:45am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. It's all I've been thinking of lately.

Due to the cost it would take to dress as Yuuko from xxxHolic, I've changed my mind. Instead, I've decided on Soi Fong from Bleach.
I've been making her sword for the past two weeks. I just finished trying some polyethylene for the scabbard... yeah, it didn't go over too well. I have the blade, cross guard, and hilt made - just waiting for everything to be put together. While trying to form the polyethylene, I ended up taking a nice portion of my paint off the blade... awesome. Then, I tried covering the blade with wax paper; which worked at first, but then ended up melting to the blade... even more awesome. So, I'm pretty much fed up with it now. I'm taking a break to rethink my approach as well as material. I think I might try the insulation foam next... maybe I'll have better luck.
I really wanted to make her outfit out of chirimen, but there's that little thing called money that prevents me from going through with that. So, linen it is.

Michi, I was thinking about your wings that you want to make, and I think foam might work really well. There's also some stuff called WonderFlex that might work well too. I think that the only true con of the WonderFlex is the thickness - it may be too thin for what you need.

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Incorrect and Misinformed [20 May 2006|01:56pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It seems as though Dir en Grey doesn't like the South.
Sadly, you were correct Chris.

Dir en Grey is joining the tour on August 8th in Texas.

Supposedly, Dir en Grey is playing another tour after Family Values, but the dates and locations have yet to be announced.

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[18 May 2006|06:12pm]
Hello my lovely friendables! I am making a post to invite you all with me and Nate to the Family Values Tour.

It's only $10 (plus TicketMaster charges) for lawn seats.

Who's playing this year?
No one very interesting. Except! Dir en Grey.
That's right, my little kitties, you read correctly. The Japanese Metal band is playing a tour in America (..again).

The tour is July 30th at Hifi Buys Ampitheatre. Join us in the lawn with food and drinks and sunscreen.

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